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Daleswood Yoga was set up in 2014 as a private studio providing classes for small groups of people, with a personalised approach.

Classes are for a maximum of 8 students, which allows for individual attention, a focus on correct alignment, and appropriate modification of postures, when required.

I am a specialist speech and language therapist, and have worked for many years with people who have a variety of communication challenges. 


Early in my career, I began to encounter people who had significant stress, anxiety and depression (often as a result of their medical condition and communication issues). I therefore became interested in gaining more specialist knowledge about supporting the mental health of my patients.


Over the years I trained in hypnotherapy, NLP, counselling and EFT, and I combined appropriate strategies with my clinical practice. 

I have practised yoga for a long time - since my early teens! It has always given me a place of balance, calm and focus, which has been helpful in enabling me to be effective in the work I do with others. 


I have studied Iyengar Yoga for many years, which informs my attention to correct alignment and the integrity of postures. This means I will use props and adjustments to ensure my students are in the right position to improve their practice and that they avoid injuries or discomfort. 


I trained as a yoga teacher with the Devon School of Yoga, and since then have continued to enhance my knowledge with training in Kundalini meditation and Advanced 'Awakening Kundalini' with Raja Choudhury and Energy Medicine with Donna Eden. I am also trained to teach Kundalini Yoga.


Ten years ago I underwent additional training to become a registered intermediary, to help vulnerable victims and witnesses give evidence to the police and in court. As many of the people I worked with had experienced significant trauma, I often implemented the strategies I had learned from my specialist yoga training to help them manage stress and anxiety.


I am a co-founder and director of the CIC MY Health Pad, which provides training on health and wellbeing to groups and organisations. We are also developing an app to support maintenance of mental and physical health, which should be available in prototype by the end of December 2020.  

  • qualified at the Devon school of yoga 2014-2016

  • Member of independent yoga network (Independent Yoga Network)

  • Member of British wheel of yoga (British Wheel of Yoga)

  • Qualified as Teacher of Kundalini Yoga 2019

  • The Back Skills Training Programme (BeST), University of Oxford 2019